Keeping Back Pain At Bay

Keeping Back Pain at Bay

Heads Up!

Did you know that your head weighs about 10 pounds? Think about that for a minute. That’s comparable to a bowling ball, a small frozen turkey and some of the lighter free weights at the gym. It should come as little wonder then that hauling around this much weight on our shoulders is often a contributor to back, neck and shoulder pain.

Keeping pain at bay isn’t that difficult if you follow these simple suggestions:

    1. Watch your posture. As we age it’s only natural that the shoulders tend to roll forward and the head tends to droop. This puts stress and strain on the muscles of the neck and shoulder. So, keep your head upright, your chest out and your shoulders back.
    2. Handle pressure. Stress in modern life is rampant. It’s everywhere and stress contributes to neck and shoulder pain. The solution: manage your stress. Look for ways to reduce stress at home and on the job. Do whatever it takes: Talk to a counselor, have some fun, exercise or take a vacation.
    3. Keep fit. You know that as you age you lose muscle tone and that includes the muscles that hold up our head and neck. Weaker muscles spell trouble for holding up the noggin. Talk to me the next time you are in the office about simple, painless stretches and strengthening exercises you can do at home or work that can help keep the muscles strong that hold up your head.

Massage therapy is another option that can do much to relieve muscle spasms, soothe aches and pains, and bring short-term relief.

When all else fails, there’s always ice or heat to relieve pain. I’d be happy to fill in the details at the time of your next visit. Just ask.