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Chiropractic Breakthroughs

Chiropractic Breakthroughs!


The Pain Paradox

A patient recently shared that he felt so much better after visiting the office that he was angry at himself for waiting so long in going. I call this the “pain paradox.” The pain paradox is when you hurt, you know you hurt, but you wait or delay calling the chiropractor for inexplicable reasons. Of course, once you go to your friendly, neighborhood chiropractor you feel so much better that as you are walking out the door you’re asking yourself why you waited so long to go in the first place. Makes no sense, does it?


Rational, educated, intelligent people do this all the time. I have a few theories on why patients do this:

  • Reason #1: The pain is not really bad enough to warrant the trip.
  • Reason #2: The pain will get better all on it’s own. This is a corollary to the “If I ignore it long enough it will go away” theory.
  • Reason #3: Because the patient is a product of traditional medicine, the patient waits until conventional medicine has failed miserably before exploring alternative treatments, like chiropractic.

Whatever the reason, the key to beating this paradox is being aware of it and not letting yourself or other people in your life fall prey to this insidious thinking. Time is precious and the more time wasted in the pain paradox the longer takes before the patient can expect relief.




Nutrition Breakthroughs!


Eating Right Takes Balance


Choices Everywhere you go these days you can’t help but be tempted by tasty morsels. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time you spied something that looked good you could have just a taste—a teaspoonful? The trick is balancing the temptations that come our way every day to insure that we are getting the right nutritional mix in our daily diets. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you might think.


Size counts You’ve read about controlling portion sizes on these pages before. So you already know how important not “super sizing” your meals can be to managing weight and nutrition. And I know you have not overlooked the nutritionally idle qualities of many prepared & fast foods.


Schedule yourself Recently I read a suggestion that makes a lot of sense. It’s involves balancing your calories and food choices over the course of a week. One author suggests allowing a few more calories for the weekends when temptation seems to be more plentiful as we all relax. After all weekends are when most people eat out, entertain and are most likely to “splurge” on treats.


The theory suggests you can take this one step further and “schedule” what you eat. For example, taking an apple every day to work for your mid-morning snack is a great way to insure that you’re getting the nutrition essentials contained in this powerhouse fruit. That way, when the weekend comes you can afford to indulge a little. Planning healthy menus and having a well-stocked pantry with everything you need is another way to reduce the natural tendency to eat what’s convenient. The key is scheduling and it’s not so difficult once you get in the habit.



October 1, 2011